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How & Why Donald Trump Won: What We Can Do About It


Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 Presidential Election was not easy for many people around the world to digest, to say nothing of the millions of Americans who not only didn’t vote for him, but actively campaigned against his candidacy.

I understand the hurt that was palpable everywhere upon a processing of this election’s results. On the face of it, it beggars belief how someone so blatantly filled with spite and hatred for pretty much everything that has a name, living or not, won such a landslide victory against Hillary Clinton.

However, when you look beyond appearances, Donald Trump’s victory is not so surprising. Firstly, it is important to remember that Donald Trump is not an exceptional person in and of himself; he is but one of many physical manifestations of certain universal archetypes. These archetypes singularly emanate from the spectrum of negative symbols; fear, hatred, division, separation, poverty and the ego.

Donald Trump won the election for the very simple reason that the cosmic laws that bind our universe respond to radical action. The very fabric that binds our existence does not respond to ideology, morality, or even principles of justice. He has been successful for years in saying what he thinks without equivocation or ambiguity; moreover, he has been smart enough to surround himself with people who will afford him a platform. He has mastered the level of confidence needed to manifest radical action and implement his vision of reality. That it is a reality built of fear, hatred, criticism, and every common manifestation of black energy does not matter. He has acted on his vision consistently and confidently, and his election to the Presidency reflects that.

What can we do about it? We have to see his Election Victory for what it is, a blessing in disguise and realise that it is useless to try to fight the energies that Trump embodies from similar energetic vibrations. Criticising him is pointless, even if we’re right; for criticism and harshly lambasting the other, even if it’s all on substantive grounds, are playing fields that he has mastered. He laughs every time you Burn an Effigy of him. Silly Liberal! Don’t You Realise That I’ve Mastered the Craft Underlying All Opposition, All Resistance, All Negativity?! To do so, however well-intentioned, would be to unconsciously accept dealing with him and his like based on his standards, and not ours.

We need to to completely forgo any political identification with a ‘left-right’ spectrum, or in fact any sort of ideological affiliation whatsoever and realise that there are only two polar frequencies governing all matter; love and fear.

Whether it’s in Donald Trump, the rise of the far-right in Britain and Europe in the aftermath of Brexit, the ascendancy of post-Communist fascism in Putin’s Russia to the impunity of a sociopathically insane dictator in Syria who is prepared to massacre half a million of his own people and raze much of the country under his rule in order to stay in power, those acting from a place of fear are currently reigning supreme on this planet because they have the audacity to act and organise consistently and confidently without second guessing themselves. They do not have to be the seal that defines an entire era, however. I believe strongly in paying attention to signs and developments in our reality, be they on a macrocosmic scale (a change in the political situation) or microcosmic (the appearance of synchronistic number combinations such as on a clock in the day to day life of an individual). Taken from this angle, we have every opportunity to thwart what we see based on the warnings that appear.

If we choose to organise with Love as our overarching principle and compass, then people like Trump do not stand a snowflake’s chance in Hell, because this is an area that he has absolutely no capacity, knowledge or familiarity in operating under. If we move beyond concepts like ‘resistance’ and ‘anti-xxx’ and instead apply the same egalitarian principles towards putting forth a positive vision of what the world should be like, we will become unstoppable. If we start making positive political actions such as caring for our environment, the livelihood of our fellow man as well as all other life on this planet, building communities, openly developing culture (in the form of music, art, and other creative expression), enacting institutions to support one another in hardship, encouraging each other’s unique talents, skills and eccentricities, we will not only defeat these forces, but set a ball of momentum rolling that is so powerful it can never be undone.

Because even if the forces of antagonism go head to head with the forces of love, love has to win because Love by definition unites people, builds new worlds, visions, communities, builds bridges and heals without exception or judgement. Love is calming and soothing, it is irresistible and gives us a reason to Live. Love goes beyond the Ego and Nourishes us at the Heart level. Critical action only massages our ego for the short-term (if we make a good argument), but at the cost of wearing away our emotional well-being in the long haul as we lose touch with the infinite possibilities of all that Is. Fear can indeed Grow and Expand like a Virus, as we have seen, but it’s ultimate end goal can only be total destruction of everything, including itself. Love however, is an infinite principle. It proliferates without limit as long as those who practise it remain steadfast, forgiving and embracing of their mistakes.

Love is the only answer; it always has been, and always will be.