A Short Dialogue Between Friends

I was working on a more detailed entry for this blog, but I got sidetracked with all the coverage of Margaret Thatcher’s death, so tonight I’m proffering this short fictional relation in its stead.

This is a conversation between two Syrian friends over Skype, one is still living in the homeland and the other is based in Britain:

Asia friend: “Heeyyy, Shlonak man!”

UK friend: “Not much,  but Thatcher died.”

Asia friend: “Ohh, mabrook. Pass on my regards to your mates!”

UK friend: “Will do. We cheer for this at demos as a matter of habit, so it’s relieving to know it’s all come full circle. Sadly, the Thatcherist cancer’s still spreading. Now in terms of British street parties, let’s hope it will actually feel like 1966 all over again…”

Syria friend: “Bringin’ home the Bacon, as if it was Football…. shhoooooo….”

UK friend: “How’s stuff back home? Has our own Baathist Iron Bitch managed to bite the dust yet?”

Watan Friend: “Ya ret. This is one project that is still very much ‘under construction’, so to speak.”

UK friend: “Yalla, just like these dudes here, we’ll have our own party to mark the occasion. Bas inshallah the death of Assadist ideology and policies are prioritised over that of the actual man.”

Watan Friend: ‘Just a vessel that he is. May God hear your words, comrade. May they ring and resonate…”

UK friend: ‘May they hollow and reverberate. You can’t curse a soul when there isn’t one to curse.’

Watan friend: ‘Ameen.’


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